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Spiders are out natural allies against flies, mosquitoes and other insects. But they leave webs in unwanted placed and pollute window and window frames, which nobody likes.

In the Netherlands, spiders are a protected species, so to rid them with toxins is not allowed for private and professional sprayers. Insect & Spider Clean – Web free is the solution to this. A non-toxic, 100% biodegradable substance which has a long last up to 6 months. This product can be used without a spraying license.

With Insect & Spider Clean – Web Free you will leave a transparent preservation layer on the surface where a spider can’t weave it’s web on. Thus, the spider will find a new nesting environment. On top of that, the transparent preservation layer will also prevent other pollution caused by spiders, flees, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, white flies, wants, trips and spints will be prevented and keeping the surface clean.


Insect & Spider Clean – Web Free is available in two types, as a product that is ready to use and in a concentrated form.

Trigger spray 500ml

Web Free in a trigger spray.

Concentrated 1L

Web Free in a bottle.

Concentrated 2,5L

Web Free in a jerrycan.

Concentrated 5L

Web Free in a jerrycan.

Concentrated 10L

Web Free in a jerrycan.

Concentrated 30L

Web Free in a barrel.


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